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MasterClass - another implementation for on-line learning or a great example?

I recently read an article, entitled "Study with the Stars" in the Parade magazine. Yes, that Sunday newspaper magazine - I love it! But this week's article had me reading between the lines. (link: )

Here is the premise: take online courses taught by Dustin Hoffman, Christina Aguilera, James Patterson and more for under $100. And here is the interesting part: "Enrollment gives students access to video tutorials, peer reviews, collaborative assignments and even offers an online portal where they can submit questions to the instructors during “office hours.”

I hear all my learning professional friends asking why I am talking about this?

As learning professionals, we know that you cannot change behavior with one 90 second video. It takes a path littered with ideas, building and layering with experiences and interactions. It takes a flow. It sounds to me like MasterClass has done it - created a low cost, consumer learning engine for high value content.

That is the challenge in this mobile learning, bite sized appetite paradox - how do you create the flow? That is what I am focusing on. Well, right after I take the James Patterson writing class at MasterClass!

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