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How do we become more resilient with all that is going on today?

No question, we have our challenges: COVID 19 has brought sickness, death, lost of income and social distancing, to name a few. How do we deal with it all? The trait that we need to survive is Resilience. Not a simple skill, but one that can be learned.

The key traits include:

  • Vision: Being able to see a future or believe in a better future state.

  • Values: Believing in what is important to you.

  • Making do: The ability to improvise and accept that as reality.

  • Imagination: Being able to take yourself “away” to a better place in thoughts.

Developing resilience for me in the past few months has required a good deal of adjustment. While I am accustomed to working at home, this has been quite different. Having just re-launched my consulting business, I have had to pivot to new opportunities and be flexible about what I can do. And it has made me realize just how good I have it. That, in turn, makes me reach out to others.

One result of this is that WillLearn is developing a course that includes resilience! We are dealing with the mandate for on line learning and the need for people to learn new skills to cope. Look for our announcement soon! In the meantime, hang in there folks! Let us know if we can help.

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