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Right Size, Right Type, Right Learning

I subscribe to a number of learning blogs, webcast and websites, as I am sure you all do. Lately, I feel that I am watching the fashion industry – spring trends, fall trends, mini, micro, short, changes. I saw a webcast today that was the final straw. It pushed micro learning as THE solution for every training need.


Learning needs are as diverse as people. Because, well, people learn differently. Therefore, I contend that when curating learning paths, we need to provide diverse assets.

How would you prefer to find out about how to conduct a difficult conversation? I like a framework that explains the goal and how to achieve it, quickly. Then an example. Another person might prefer to see the do’s and don’ts and read an article. Yet another would like a short, animated video followed by an exercise.

This has been our dilemma as learning professionals for year. The cool part is that today, we can do all of that, without developing much content ourselves. Today we can curate from diverse resources. We can create options.

The key is to provide assets that allow people to personalize their learning. And the challenge is to get to know our options.

Yes, we need to respond to the short attention span that we all have today. Yes, we need to capture that moment of need and build a culture of learning. But, we need to recognize and develop a mix that reaches everyone and provide opportunities to do, not just see.

That means we need to the right learning: right size, right type. When we do performance consulting, dig deeper to find transformative solutions. Think in steps that start with the moment of need. And provide variety.

Bottom line, we need to do a better job of mixing and building solutions. Here are some guidelines I use when creating learning paths:

  • Create a short and compelling introduction.

  • Fill the moment of need with an answer and drive them to continue· Build the mix for all types of learners

  • Make bursts binary – answering one need

  • Find a way to provide social aspects

  • Add follow on materials for depth

Providing transformative mixes inspire people to use the tools that you are building.

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